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Following on from the last post, this is an example of moving on and then possibly moving too far on. I’m reminded to bring myself back to the awareness of that one fleeting moment… Firstly, in image one, the sky feels expansive, endless possibilities…Secondly, image two (and my favourite) demonstrates the delicacy and brightness of…

Realisation: Autumn Woodland

The local woodlands are still abundant with rich, striking colours. I love to immerse myself, witnessing nature as the sun rises and sets…sometimes I even sketch. It’s never a case of just what I see, it’s an impression, a feeling. Those feelings however can be so expansive and positively overwhelming that I find my work,…

Going with the flow

Drawing, painting…creating, let the idea build or just do it. Be realistic about how long something may take, set a reasonable amount of time for your goal and just begin. Every brush stroke or pencil mark is a step forward.

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