Open Studio This Weekend

Lovely turn out last weekend and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you tomorrow and Sunday. Open between 11am and 5pm. ‘Standing Strong,’ by Susan Whatling

Cow Crowding

Original woodcut completed at The Sudbourne Park Printmakers workshop earlier in the year. This woodcut was based on one of my original drawings during a time of acute illness. Over many visits, watching the cows crowding together with the gorgeous Suffolk landscape as a backdrop, I began to feel well. So, personally, it makes me…

Local Landscape

Latest woodcut and initial hand burnished prints. Just a few adjustments then I’ll explore the use of colour.

Etching using soft ground

Etching is a process that I’m currently exploring. The featured image is a sketch from one of my recent photos. Below are my initial attempts. There’s a great deal of experimenting and work to be done before I reach my goal with this one! The point is, try something new & work towards your goal….

Art Exhibition

Looking forward to seeing some of you at Great Glemham Church Art Exhibition over the weekend. Plenty to see and do, so why not make a day of it. Enjoy!

New Work

by Susan Whatling New work from my garden studio this morning, freshly cut soft linoblock and hand pulled prints. For the original drawing, I used chalk on large black paper, to capture the highlights I saw on the life drawing model. Next, I photographed the drawn image, printed off a photo and traced it. The…

Going with the flow

Drawing, painting…creating, let the idea build or just do it. Be realistic about how long something may take, set a reasonable amount of time for your goal and just begin. Every brush stroke or pencil mark is a step forward.


Recently, I wanted to try out a more vibrant style of acrylic painting. This is where the sketchbook comes in very useful. Whatever stage you are at, the sketchbook is a terrific starting point. It’s not just about drawing, it’s a resource for you; your ideas, your likes/dislikes, colour swatches, shapes, magazine images, photos and when you’ve…

Express Yourself

A blank canvas or sketch pad can be daunting but does it need to be? It is one more hurdle that we, ourselves have imposed. In the grand scheme of things does it really have to be such a big deal? Of course not. So, open your sketch book, get your blank canvas and just look….


The beginning of this new project continues to reflect my personal life at this time and a longing to be set free from fatigue. Birds in flight capture my attention wherever we are so here are more seagulls… Usually I write myself free but the ideas are many so I’m going to begin setting some…