Wild Thyme Studio by Susan Whatling BA(hons), MAed, PGCE

Passionate about landscapes


While at school, I first began selling ink drawings of architecture in the landscape. I produced local Suffolk images based in and around the coast which were published in a colouring book while I was studying for my A levels.

Art and design consistently contribute to my life, offering me an outlet, giving a voice and raising hopes for alternative possibilities especially since I suffered a severe neurological disorder a few years ago. Since then, while still recovering, I continue to express myself with art as it allows me a unique way of sharing and communicating in the world with others.


After A levels I enjoyed working for an architect as an architectural technician. I went on to study Architecture for a year which in turn grew my passion for design. Subsequently I completed an honours degree in design. During that time, I was so utterly inspired by the traditional C17th and C18th Grand Tour, that a friend and I headed to Europe for a summer with only our backpacks and sketchbooks.

I worked in design for a few years; designing interiors, bespoke furniture & kitchens, garden design and in later years, graphic design.


In 1998, as a postgraduate from Homerton College, Cambridge, I went on to teach Art and Design in and around Cambridge. For the best part of twenty years I was involved in children’s education, settling back in Suffolk around 2001 after my son was born. During that time, I successfully completed my MA in Education, while furthering my development and progression in printmaking.

During those years, while mum and teacher, I continued to paint; murals indoor and outdoors, landscape paintings,  animal portraits  and a variety of design work which has been displayed and sold locally in galleries. I am a member of Sudbourne Park Printmakers and we exhibit regularly.

My sold work is now in private collections both in Europe and the United States.

I was pleased to be involved in the creative design/artwork for the book: Your Guide to Early Honda Motorcycles and the David Silver Honda Collection, written by Roger Etcell, forward by James May and printed by Leiston Press.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Whatling

email: wildthymestudio@gmail.com mobile: 07949 480464

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