Nature the healer

What with lockdown and an ME/cfs flare up, I was beginning to think I’d misplaced my painting mojo. Fortunately, with patience, encouragement, grit and of course all essential action I’m coming back.

Nature uplifts and surprises, providing a visual feast for the eyes in this gorgeous part of the UK at present. I’m certainly embracing every moment, be it a kestrel sighting, long eared owl swooping low over the heady scent of bluebells, a startled muntjac or sitting amidst the ancient woodland. Every moment, one of delight and gratitude…here for another day.

Inspiration is waiting, for me it is the tiny flower in a pavement crack, the light on the fields or the outstretched limbs of a tree. Whatever gets your creative interest, pursue it, allow your thoughts to expand, observe and basically there’s no way round it …just begin. If your creative flow needs a boost just start with colours or materials you love, mark make with no goal attached and see what happens…

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