The Alde Valley Spring Festival 2017

A visit to White House Farm today for the grand opening of the Alde Valley Spring Festival did not disappoint. Journeying the country roads beneath drizzle, combined with flashes of yellow and freshly ploughed browns, set the scene for the meeting of intrigued, creative minds.

Below: a section of painting I recently created in direct response to locality.


Jason Gathorne -Hardy (festival director and curator) says, “This coming together of farming and the arts…offers the opportunity to meet people and exchange ideas through shared conversations…”

Maggie Hambling opened the festival with an entertaining speech (in appropriate footwear) and great humour.

A terrific few hours of visual bliss, enjoying the paintings and sculptures of many local artists including those of Rodger Hardy, Jelly Green and Jennifer Hall.

Definitely worth a few visits – Open 22nd April – 21st May.

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