IMG_1826The beginning of this new project continues to reflect my personal life at this time and a longing to be set free from fatigue. Birds in flight capture my attention wherever we are so here are more seagulls…

Usually I write myself free but the ideas are many so I’m going to begin setting some of those images free, albeit at a slightly slower pace. My first goal: adapting an image from of my photos to use as a linoprint. Whatever situation you find yourself in, the thought becomes the deed so hold onto those positive thoughts.

1. Set yourself a goal. Something you will be able to realistically achieve in the short term.

2. Do what you need to do, in order to achieve the goal.

3.  Set the second goal and continue with No 2. (It really can be that simple).

One goal at a time. Go on, have a go…

The outcomes for this linoprint can be viewed in the Wild Thyme Studio Shop  

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