Freedom and Infinite Possibilities

I’m stillimage playing around with vinyl and to be honest I like the speed of it. Sometimes I use oil paint instead of printing ink to mock up an image. I really enjoy the process; the journey to the end r
esult. The way I see it, is take your time to build your composition, work out colours and eliminate errors because once it’s done the results and possibilities are infinite.

For me, at the moment I’m working on a ‘freedom’ theme and that means birds in flight soaring through the endless skies, endless ocean waves and rivers flowing. This composition on the left is about the flight of seagulls above my local coastline, in Suffolk.

I’ve used two blocks to print from:

  1.  After transferring the image to the block I cut out all the areas I wanted to keep white then I later inked it up with blue.
  2.  After also transferring the image to block No 2 I cut away everything except where I wanted the black lines.

imageLater, I considered using orange and red blended on the roller to create a sunset background. Here is the initial one in a pretty rough state but it’s all part of the process for me.

Hope you are having fun too!

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