Cheeky Chaps!

imageIMG_1671The last couple of days have been about experimenting with vinyl (dark material in top left picture) while I’m awaiting a shipment of soft lino. Wonderful advantages with vinyl as it really is soft and easy to cut. I decided to use this material to work on my designs and composition. I’m pleased with these cheeky chaps so far. That’s the buzz about printmaking for me; when you lift up the paper from the inked block ‘Ta da!’ Nothing is wasted. Below left I’ve used some prints to create cards.
I was inspired by a friend who is absolutely mad about hares so I’m sure that one of these will be leaping it’s way to her very soon. Make someone’s day with a handmade relief print while you continue to experiment with your images and hone your skills. You can start small, grow your images while growing your skills.

  • For these prints I used two small rectangular pieces of vinyl, cut to the same size using a scalpel (scissors would do).image
  • The image was copied onto tracing paper and turned over to transfer the image onto one of the rectangles.
  • I then cut out everything except the hare.
  • On the other piece I drew round the hare leaving extra white area which I cut out. Then I just experimented with printing the two together and individually.

If you’re as passionate about printmaking as I am, I’d love to hear how you’re getting on. Enjoy!

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