Out for some new ideas

IMG_1647While some prints are hanging up to dry, I took a trip out for some new ideas. Always have a camera with me or at least the one on my phone. The sea air really was a tonic  and the breeze blew through my thoughts, inspiring new images from which I’d like to create some linocuts or woodcuts. When gathering ideas I view the scene  as a series of shapes and alternate colours. Then I sketch a few views deciding on a composition. Once decided upon, I work up an image suitable to print from. This image is reversed to use on the lino or wood. Tracing paper is great for this (can use carbon copy paper). If I want to use a few colours then I plan each layer and usually do a reduction cut IMG_1671but it’s equally great to make lots of blocks to print from. Sometimes errors occur and occasionally what might initially seem a mistake actually turns out to be a success. On that note, I’m off to sketch up some ideas. Have fun experimenting!

Soft lino from Amazon.uk

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