Express Yourself

Last post I was talking about the things you’re passionate about.  Here’s hoping your ‘cup runneth over’. For me the passion is all about colour, texture and printmaking. I love the thick, buttery consistency of acrylic paints, the surprise of the first print when the paper is lifted and combining art processes. I also love blue skies, full moons and the power of nature. But this is about you and what you love. FullSizeRender-2Let’s take a look at printmaking and a few places to start. There are many products out there and the price range does vary enormously but there is plenty of scope for improvising too.

Artists and Illustrators have a great section on ‘how to…’

Artists And Illustrators

Take a look and see what you think. Is printmaking for you? If you shop online you could take a look at or

Sketchbooks are a great way to document your ideas, experiments and interests. Stick in images, colour samples, newspaper cuttings, photos, write, sketch, print, overlay, overlap, use pen, pencil, crayon…eventually it will become an expression of you. Have fun.

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