Susan Whatling

BA(hons) MA(ed) PGCE

Painter & Printmaker

I am a UK artist, based in Suffolk, with a background in Art, Architecture, Design and Education, studying at Leicester then later at Cambridge University after which I embarked on a career teaching art and design. For the best part of twenty years I was involved in education during which time I worked with Eastfeast; teachers and artists working in partnership, researched and presented on the benefits of creativity in the classroom.

“Art & Design, give us a voice and raise hopes for alternative possibilities…

providing us with a unique way of sharing and communicating in the world with others.” 

S. Whatling, 2019

I have always created, sketched, painted and been passionate about art and architecture. Within my teaching career and parenthood, I pursued ways to combine art with subjects to enrich the learning experience whilst continuing to create; painting murals, commissions for animal portraits and landscape paintings for local exhibitions.

The past few years have altered the way I work and view the world, which in turn has had a significant impact on my creative process. With the acute onset of a neurological disease and what has become a chronic health condition (ME/cfs), I have had to adapt to prioritise the limited energy available to me on a daily basis. For creative expression in both painting, printmaking and personal sculptures the energy to get there and follow through makes each outcome more personal for the journey and process it has taken me to get there.

I will continue to explore life through colour, texture, line and atmosphere, capturing impressions of moments while developing figurative expression. For example; within ‘Nature’s Embrace’ (recently created, original woodcut). I feel art uplifts and with the power of nature we can learn to adapt to our circumstances, wrapping life around us rather than trying to fit into a world that no longer fit us.

‘Nature’s Embrace’, original woodcut by Susan Whatling

I continue to exhibit locally and sell online from Etsy, under my Wild Thyme Studio. Much of my work is owned by collectors in both Europe and the USA.  I’m a member of Sudbourne Park Printmakers and the Ipswich Art Society.

View my blog for latest news and works in progress.

Take a browse in my online shop , Wild Thyme Studio.

New items are regularly being added including a range of greeting cards and original artworks. Giclee prints soon to be available.

See something you like but not currently available in the shop, please get in contact to discuss.

email: wildthymestudio@gmail.com

Original paintings, etchings, woodcut prints & cards available

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Susan
    What lovely paintings,
    Sarah ( massage therapist)


    1. Thanks Sarah, lovely to be in touch!


  2. Marilyn Bond says:

    I am keen to purchase several of your Cornish cove prints.
    Online Etsy is charging huge postage!
    My postcode is SG18 0FG!

    Please advise

    Thank you for visiting my shop. Please feel free to contact me from there with your preferences. Postage from my shop to UK is free plus currently 25% off orders of £10 or more. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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